MES - Manufacturing Execution System


MES system to achieve the workshop production scheduling, product tracking, quality control, quality traceability, equipment failure analysis, network report management function, also for production department, QC department, technology department, logistics department and other provide workshop management, product quality information service, to improve the internal management, improve the utilization rate of resources.

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Process control

  • Realize the configurable of process flow ;
  • To operate error proofing, anti leakage effect ;
  • The number of the products and production check function ;
  • To realize the operation time management and control 。

Product traceability

  • To achieve material, parts traceability, traceability material to the batch, suppliers and other information ;
  • Implement the operation information of the product in each workstation. ;
  • Get product volume information

Quality control

  • Strengthen the control of the process of the defective products, and prevent the adverse product to the next workstation. ;
  • Product information record ;
  • OQC test function implementation ;
  • 不良品分析和統計。

Process control

  • Collection and analysis of process parameters ;
  • Collection of production tools information ;
  • Collection of test data ;
  • Customer customization data collection 。

APG MES Planning Blueprint


MES System platform function chart introduction