SRM - Supplier Relationship Management


QEWEB SRM application system include functionality of supplier life cycle management, sourcing, order fulfillment, contract management, Procurement, invoicing reconciliation and spend analysis.

What does it bring to you

Centralized procurement to enhance the controlling and reducing cost

Standardization and rationalization of procurement pricing system

The candidate source of suppliers are limited in current procurement eco system.......

The manual work is over load for recording of the supplier archives, documents and files, and it is difficult to retrieve and analyze......

Production procurement and non production procurement separation

Compliance and transparency of procurement process

Perfect supplier management system

Poor supplier development process, low efficiency and difficulty of monitoring......

The performance evaluation lacks objective data, the recognition degree is not high, and limits the promotion and optimization of the supplier resources......

Strategic procurement and operational procurement separation

Technology Architecture


Open infrastructure

  • Java/HTML5
  • Oracle and SQL server Support
  • Unix/Windows
  • Automatic fault recovery

SaaS platform

  • Multi tenant design
  • Data security isolation
  • To increase the planned network points
  • Lowest cost

Big data enable

  • Memory database acceleration
  • Data mining analysis
  • Visualization
  • Customized report